David Firester

Intelligence Analyst, International Affairs

Hello, I'm David Firester, founder/CEO of TRAC Intelligence, LLC.

David Firester's Bio:

David Firester is founder and CEO of TRAC Intelligence, LLC (Threat Reporting and Analysis Consultants - www.tracintelligence.com).  He also teaches American Government at Baruch College, as a Graduate Teaching Fellow, while completing a Ph.D. in Political Science.  

Recently, David consulted as a Policy Analyst and Intelligence Analyst at the State of New Jersey's Regional Operations Intelligence Center (NJ ROIC, or Fusion Center); a collaboration run by the Department of Homeland Security, New Jersey State Police and a variety of federal, state and local law enforcement and intelligence entities.  

Broad areas of academic specialty include American Politics, Public Policy, COIN (Counterinsurgency)/Insurgency, counter-terrorism, and the regional Arab-Israeli conflict.  He has harnessed his expertise as a former member of the U.S. Intelligence Community, to write an award-winning MA Thesis (2011).  

He is presently fielding new offers, accepting new clients and looking forward to new opportunities.  

David Firester's Experience:

  • Graduate Teaching Fellow at Baruch College

    • Developed syllabus for and taught (unassisted) up to 45 students per class: American Government

  • Policy Analyst/Intelligence Analyst at New Jersey State Police

    Policy Analyst: • Revised and re-wrote Privacy/Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Policy (and an Executive Summary) for the Command Staff • Revised and provided key insights and editorial commentary on security and intelligence policies Intelligence Analyst: • Collected, analyzed raw intelligence and authored and disseminated finished intelligence products on a variety of topics for the Threat Analysis Unit at the NJ ROIC, including but not limited to: o International and domestic threats to the public, police, and critical infrastructure o Wrote and reviewed Daily Threat Overview, Ad Hoc Reports, and Event-Specific reports o Worked alongside federal, state and local entities in an Information Sharing Environment (ISE) o Participated in joint command/interagency meetings as well as daily crime and threat briefings

  • Graduate Teaching Fellow at Queens College

    • Developed syllabus for and taught (unassisted) up to 55 students per class in the following courses: o “Introduction to Political Science” o “Guns, Drones and (un)Authorized Uses of Force”

  • All Source Intelligence Analyst at U.S. Army Reserve

    Contributed to strategic intelligence products for the Defense Intelligence Agency's Arabian Peninsula mission Developed counter-terrorism analyses and presented them to the entire unit, based on classified and unclassified sources from Human Intelligence, Imagery Intelligence, and all forms of Electronic Intelligence, etc.

  • Intelligence Analyst at US Army

    3100th Strategic Intelligence Group.

  • Police Officer at Town of Chester

    Field Training Officer, Evidence Technician, Crime Scene Investigator, Patrol, PBA Vice President (de facto President as well).

  • Deputy Sheriff at Orange County Sheriff's Office

    Patrol, Field Intelligence Officer, Crisis Negotiator.

  • Standardization Instructor at US Army

    Task Force ODIN: Selected and trained Flight Instructors to perform all duties to standard (training the trainers) Implemented the above TTPs Instructed large and small groups on the same

  • Flight Instructor at US Army

    Task Force ODIN: Selected from among 12 Noncommissioned Officers to have: ? Written the manual for operations ? Actively trained newly arriving personnel (approximately 25) during flight ? Developed appropriate Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP)

  • Air Sensor Operator (first in the U.S. Army) at US Army

    Task force ODIN: Conducted Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition missions in support of Conventional and Special Operations Forces, while having: Operated and instructed on the use of: an MX-15D Full Motion Video Camera, PeARL [Peters equipment Aerial Reconnaissance Low] Camera, Multiple AN PRC-117 communications (and associated Communications Security) devices, and various proprietary and OTS cartographical software. Supervised and participated in a variety of operations: High Value Target/Individual retrieval/destruction, Cordon-and-Search over-watch, area denial and interdiction, primary target selection/designation and Battle Damage Assessment, confirmed/denied suspected IED-associated activities/personnel, supported multiple ground and air units (manned, unmanned, fixed and rotary wing) simultaneously, target handover, designated for remote "Hellfire" missile engagement

  • Imagery Intelligence Analyst at U.S. Army Reserve

    323rd MI Bn.: Supervised junior enlisted personnel in the analysis of aerial and ground imagery development by photographic and electronic means: Prepared reconnaissance and surveillance (R & S) requests to support R & S plan; utilized all cuing in support of imagery intelligence cycle; received, reviewed and evaluated imagery mission results; performed quality control on aerial imagery analysis reports Responsible for the health, welfare and professional development of an imagery team

  • Graduate Assistant at Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies


  • Student at The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)

David Firester's Education:

  • City University of New York Graduate Center

    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
    Concentration: Poltical Science
  • City University of New York City College

    Concentration: International Relations
  • City University of New York Graduate Center

    Concentration: Political Science

David Firester's Interests & Activities:

Reading, cartography, watching documentaries and comedies, writing.